I am not a expert in business or strategy; I am a PEOPLE expert.

Let's face it, being able to not only identify what makes us unique but also knowing how to practically implement that is really hard. Everyday we are pressured to live out our most authentic self while simultaneously fighting the desire to create a persona or perception of what we want others to think. Breaking down, defining and rebuilding identity for the purpose of growth, development and leadership; this is my specialty.

Regardless of whether you are a CEO trying to lead your management staff or a small business owner trying to communicate who you really are, identity is fundamental to both processes. Who you are matters and how you communicate that matters even more.

With straight-forward communication and asking the hard questions, I will help you and your audience see the value you carry as individuals.


2017 Development Topics

"Fighting Situational Identity: Living a Life Based on the Truest Thing About You"

Mom, dad, creative, entrepreneur, owner, friend, sister, partner, leader, dreamer...These are some of the ROLES that we participate in every day...but they are NOT our identity. When we take on each role and try to chameleon our way through life, we jeopardize the very thing that makes us unique. I want us to take back WHO we are before we talk about WHAT we do. If we can live into each role with a singular identity, not changing for every situation then we find the freedom that comes with understanding we are completely unique. We start with discovering thoughts, hopes, dreams and fears. Then we move to identifying personal core values.  (120 minute minimum required | participation: High)

"Vulnerability & Empathy: Seeing and Understanding Others"

Many of us think the same practices work for everyone when it comes to building relationships and intimacy. Define the goal, cast the vision and they will follow. Unfortunately this is not the case. You can't lead people who you can't hear and in order to really listen you have to create an environment of both VULNERABILITY & EMPATHY. Vulnerability: creating the opportunity to see and be seen by others. Empathy: creating the opportunity to understand and be understood by others. Seeing someone for WHO they are and understanding how someone FEELS is the only way to really know where they want to go. (90 minute minimum required | participation: Moderate)



The WORKSHOP EXPERIENCE is an intensive that focuses on strengthening the heart of an individual and a team. We will work from the inside out, establishing the values and identifying the strengths of each individual. We will get to the heart of WHY you do what you do to better understand HOW you do it. By connecting the individuality of each person to the heart of the mission, we create the platform for a truly great things. 



"Rocky delivered just as promised. Not only was Rocky one of our favorite keynote speakers, but he spent hours upon hours with many of our attendees in one-on-one coaching sessions. Out of the 75 attendees there was not one person that Rocky didn't connect with in a genuine way. His keynote address as well as his breakout sessions were very insightful and challenging and we heard many testimonials from individuals who found fresh inspiration and direction for their personal lives and businesses through Rocky's sessions. We would highly recommend Rocky as a speaker and workshop leader.  He is the real deal!"

Blaise Foret - Asheville Folk Founder



"Rocky is more than just a gifted story teller and executive coach. He has the ability to inspire people into action towards self-improvement and change. The CreativeMornings community was lucky enough to experience his best advice - finding our truest selves and putting that forward. He truly is a people expert."



Megan Tom - Creative Mornings Dallas


With just a brief orientation, Rocky ‘got us.’ He delivered a session to our leadership team regarding core values and discovering our why. He was able to effectively weave our strategic meeting themes through the session which resulted in a fantastic kick-off to our team’s time together. Rocky effortlessly engaged the team from the first minute and created a safe space to share and continue the dialogue even after our time with him was over. I would highly recommend Staff Retreat Co. and Rocky to any organization looking to build a dynamic and highly engaged team/organization.


Tracy McShane-Wilson - Executive Director of Talent Acquisition